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English (202)

We provide best study material for NIOS English (202) senior secondary course. You can download support material like sample paper, practice paper, previous year paper. Study Online provides best notes for NIOS class 10 we cover the all chapter and provide syllabus and important question for all chapter. Snake Bite, How the Squirrel Got Its Stripes, Kondiba-A Hero, Tall Trees, A Tiger Comes to Town-I, A Tiger Comes to Town-II, The Shoeshine, A Birthday Letter, Nine Gold Medals, Noise: How It Affects Our Lives, My Elder Brother, Indian Weavers, The Last Stone Mason, Stealing and Atonement, Book 2, My Vision for India, My Only Cry, Caring for Others, The Little Girl, A Prayer for Healing, New Good Things from Rubbish, The Village Pharmacy, The Truth, The Return of the Lion (One Act Play), Co-operate and Prosper, Once Upon a Time, Ustad Bismillah Khan, The Parrot Who Wouldn't Talk.

Mathematics (211)

Download here to sample paper for mathematics for the all chapter. Number Systems, Exponents and Radicals, Algebraic Expressions and Polynomials, Special Products and Factorization, Linear Equations, Quadratic Equations, Arithmetic Progressions, Percentage and its Applications, Instalment Buying, Lines and Angles, Congruence of Triangles, Concurrent Lines, Quadrilaterals, Similarity of Triangles, Circles, Angles in a Circle and Cyclic Quadrilateral, Secants, Tangents and their Properties, Constructions, Co-ordinate Geometry, Perimeters and Area of Plane Figures, Surface Area and Volume of Solid Figures, Introduction to Trigonometry, Trigonometric Ratios of Some Special Angles, Data and Their Representation, Measures of Central Tendency, Introduction to Probability. We provide best study material for NIOS Mathematics (211) senior secondary course. You can download support material like sample paper, practice paper, previous year paper. Study Online provides best notes for NIOS class 10 we cover the all chapter and provide syllabus and important question for all chapter.

Science and Technology (212)

Download here sample paper and practice paper for all chapter. Module : 1 Measurement in Science, Measurement in Science and Technology, Module 2: Matter in our Surroundings, Matter in Our Surroundings, Atom and Molecules, Chemical Reaction and Equations, Atomic Structure, Periodic Classification of Elements, Chemical Bonding, Acids, Bases and Salts, Module 3: Moving Things, Motion and its Description, Force and Motion, Gravitation, Module 4: Energy, Sources of Energy, Work and Energy, Thermal Energy, Light Energy, Electrical Energy, Magnetic Effect of Electric Current, Sound and Communication, Module 5: The Living World, Classification of Living Organisms, History of Life on Earth, Building Blocks of Life - Cell and Tissues, Life Processes 1 : Nutrition, Transportation, Respiration and Excretion, Life Processes 2 : Control and Coordination, Life Processes 3 : Reproduction, Heredity, Module 6: Natural Resources, Air and Water, Metals and Non-metals, Carbon and Its Compounds, Module 7: Humans and Environment, Natural Environment, Human Impact on Environment, Food Production, Health and Hygiene, Lab Manual..

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Social science (213)

Download here all chapter sample paper and practice paper. Introduction to social science, Ancient World, Medieval World, Modern World - I, Modern World - II, Impact Of British Rule On India: Economic, Social And Cultural (1757-1857), Religious And Social Awkening In Colonial India, Popular Resistance To The British Rule, Indian National Movement, Physiography of India, Climate, Bio-Diversity, Agriculture In India, Transport And Communication, Population: Our Greatest Resource, Constitutional Values And Political System In India, Fundamental Rights And Fundamental Duties, India - A Welfare State, Local Governments And Field Administration, Governance At The State Level, Governance At The Union Level, Political Parties And Pressure Groups, People's Participation In The Democratic Process, Challenges To Indian Democracy, National Integration And Secularism, Socio-Economic Development And Empowerment Of Disadvantaged Groups, Environmental Degradation And Disaster Management, Peace And Security.

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Economics (214)

You can download here sample paper practice paper model test paper and important question for the all chapter. Module 1: Understanding Economics, What is Economics, Human Wants, Goods and Services, Module 2: About Economy, Economy - Its Meaning and Types, Central Problems of an Economy, Basic Economic Activities, Module 3: Producing Goods and Services, Production, Cost and Revenue, Module 4: Distribution of Goods and Services, Demand, Supply, Determination of Price and Quantity, Market, Role of Government in Determination of Price and Quantity System, Module 5: Money, Banking and Insurance, Money and Its Roles, Banking and Credit, Savings and Insurance, Module 6: Presentation and Analysis of Data in Economics, Collection and Presentation of Data, Analysis of Data, Module 7: Indian Economy, An Overview of Indian Economy, Sectoral Aspects of Indian Economy, Challenges before Indian Economy, Indian Economy in Global Context, Module 8: Contemporary Economic Issues, Environment and Sustainable Development, Consumer Awareness.

Business Studies (215)

We provide notes, sample paper, practice paper, model test paper and important question for all chapter. Module 1, Nature and Scope of Business, Industry and Commerce, Module 2, Sole Proprietorship, Partnership & Hindu Undivided Family, Cooperative Societies and Joint Stock Companies, Module 3, Transport Services, Warehousing, Communication Services, Postal and Courier Services, Banking Services, Insurance Services, Outsourcing, Module 4, Purchase and Sale, Channels of Distribution, Retail Trade, Advertising, Sales Promotion and Personal Selling, Module 5, Rights and Responsibilities of Consumers, Consumer Protection, Module 6, Choosing a Career, Entrepreneurship, Module 7, Project Work.

Home Science (216)

We provide study material in PDF & video for all chapter : English Medium What is Home Science, Food and its Nutrients, Food Groups, Methods of Cooking Food, Preservation of Food, Environment, Health, Communicable and Lifestyle Diseases, Care and Maintenance of Fabric, Fibre to Fabric, Fabric Finishes, Curriculum, Housing, Safety in Home, Introduction to Resources, Managing Time and Energy, Managing Income, Life Begins, Concept of Development, My Family and I, Adolescence: Charms and Challenges, Ethics in Daily Life, Consumer! Beware, Be Aware.

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Accountancy (224)

This course will helpful the students to understand the basic concepts in accounts. The course enables the students to understand the rules of debit and credit.After studying this course,the students will develop the skill to prepare journal, other subsidiary books, trial balance and financial tatements. Students download study material like sample paper, practice paper, model test paper, and important question for upcoming exam. You can download pdf and video for good marks.